CBC gives Father Rosica glowing review


Father Tom Rosica, CSB, used to feel as though he was entering a lions' den when he first started meeting with members of the mainstream media as director and organizer of World Youth Day 2002 in Toronto, but he persisted, believing that following the example of Pope John Paul II meant he needed to build bridges.

Fr. Tom Rosica, CSB,
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How things have changed!

Those bridges built in Toronto three years ago helped make the coverage of recent events in Rome far more positive and well-informed.

Over the past several weeks, the Basilian priest and Sister Susan Kidd of the Congregation of Notre Dame have been side by side with Peter Mansbridge, providing in-depth commentary during the CBC's live coverage of Pope John Paul II's funeral and the installation of Pope Benedict XVI.

Other networks and news organizations have also availed themselves of the background briefings and resources the Salt + Light Media Foundation provides.

On his return from Rome April 25, Father Rosica, who is now CEO of the foundation, discovered a "thank you" e-mail from Mark Bulgutch, senior executive producer for CBC News and CBC Newsworld.

"CBC News is indebted to you for all the work you did for us on our papal coverage," Bulgutch wrote. "I cannot remember an analyst who had more knowledge in his/her field than you do, and you have a special ability to communicate with passion and reason."

"You came to us at all hours and never complained. In fact, you were eager to be part of our programming. You added class to everything we did, and no broadcaster in North America beat us"

Bulgutch said he looks forward to working with Father Rosica again "where the secular might intersect with the religious" "I've learned a lot from you."

Father Rosica wrote Bulgutch back, saying, "It has been a great privilege and pleasure to collaborate so closely with you and your team at the CBC. I found only respect, openness, kindness, goodness, and good humour each time we met."

"Throughout the World Youth Day adventure and now through these historic events, two moments will remain engraved in my mind and heart: that day in No vember 2002 when I had the privilege of introducing you and the senior CBC team to Pope John Paul II at the special audience at the Vatican. The second moment was when we went to pray and pay our respects to the late Pope in St. Peter's Basilica on Wednesday evening, April 6."

He promised Salt + Light's further assistance any time it's needed in the future"



Deborah Gyapong. "CBC gives Father Rosica glowing review." BC Catholic (May 9, 2005).

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Deborah Gyapong writes for Canadian Catholic News.

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