Fundamentals of Catholicism vol. 1: Creed and Commandments


Table of Contents

Part 1: The Creed

  1. Faith and the Good News
  2. Submission to God
  3. The Center of Christian Faith
  4. There Is Only One God
  5. God Our Father
  6. The Almighty Father
  7. Maker of Heaven and Earth
  8. Jesus Is Lord
  9. The Holy Name of Jesus
  10. Christ -- The Anointed One
  11. The Only Son of God
  12. Father and Son
  13. The Son Is Equal to the Father
  14. One in Being with the Father
  15. Through Him All Things Were Made
  16. Why Did God Become Man?
  17. The Enfleshment of God
  18. An Absolute Mystery
  19. More Reflections on the Incarnation
  20. Jesus Suffered for Our Sake
  21. The Death of Jesus
  22. The Resurrection of Jesus
  23. The Glorified Body of Jesus
  24. The Cosmic Effects of Jesus' Resurrection
  25. Jesus Ascended into Heaven
  26. The Second Coming
  27. The Glory of the Lord
  28. Jesus Will Judge the Living and the Dead
  29. Jesus' Eternal Kingdom
  30. The Holy Spirit: Lord and Giver of Life
  31. The Origin of the Holy Spirit
  32. Worship of the Holy Spirit
  33. The Holy Spirit and Prophecy
  34. Faith in the Church
  35. One Church
  36. The Church Is Holy
  37. The Catholicity of the Church
  38. The Church Is Apostolic
  39. Baptism and the Forgiveness of Sins
  40. The Resurrection of the Dead
  41. The Life of the Word to Come

Part II: The Commandments

  1. Faith and Morality
  2. What Makes Human Acts Good or Bad?
  3. Moral Responsibility
  4. Dignity of the Law
  5. The Ideal Conscience: Correct and Certain
  6. True Morality Is Based on Objective Principles
  7. Adore God, and Him Alone
  8. The Need for Sacrifice
  9. Watch and Pray
  10. Superstition Wears Many Faces
  11. Modern Idolators
  12. Treat Holy Things in a Holy Manner
  13. Simon the Magician
  14. Blessed Be the Name of the Lord Forever
  15. Swearing and Perjury
  16. The Catholic View of Vows
  17. Blasphemy and Cursing
  18. Christ, the Rising Son of Justice
  19. What About the Sunday Rest?
  20. The Church Calendar -- A Perpetual Catechesis
  21. Fast and Abstinence for Catholics
  22. Honor Your Mother and Father
  23. Love for One's Relatives
  24. "He Who Spares the Rod Hates His Son"
  25. Caesar and God
  26. Man's Unalienable Right to Life
  27. Stewards of Life
  28. The Catholic Church and Euthanasia
  29. Innocent Human Life
  30. Mutilation and Sterilization
  31. Morality of a Just War
  32. Adequate Care of One's Health
  33. Sex Is Sacred
  34. Sex and Human Life
  35. Two in One Flesh
  36. Fidelity in Marriage
  37. Blueprint for a Christian Society
  38. Premarital Sex Is Still Fornication
  39. Catholic View of Homosexuality
  40. What Is and What Should Be
  41. Pornography and the Ninth Commandment
  42. Attention All Thieves and Muggers
  43. Is Stealing Ever a Mortal Sin?
  44. Balancing the Scales of Justice
  45. The Right to Private Property
  46. Both Charity and Justice
  47. A Fair Day's Work for a Fair Day's Pay
  48. The Thrill of Gambling
  49. Our Debt of Truth
  50. Lying and Mental Reservations
  51. On Keeping Secrets
  52. Calumny and Detraction
  53. Truth and the Media
  54. On Avoiding Evil Thoughts and Desires



Kenneth Baker, S.J. from Fundamentals of Catholicism (San Francisco: Ignatius Press, 1995).

This article reprinted with permission from Father Kenneth Baker, S.J.


Rev. Kenneth Baker, S.J., has served for the past thirty years as editor of the Homiletic & Pastoral Review. He entered the Society of Jesus in 1947. In 1970 he served as president of Seattle University and in 1971 became editor of the Homiletic & Pastoral Review. In 1973 he published his translation of the Philosophical Dictionary and adapted it to American usage. In 1975 he became president of Catholic Views Broadcasts, Inc., which produces a weekly 15-minute radio program that airs on 50 stations across the United States. He has built and run three community television stations. In 1983 he published a three-volume explation of the faith called Fundamentals of Catholicism Vol. 1, Creed and Commandments; Vol. 2, God, Trinity, Creation, Christ, Mary; and Vol. 3, Grace, the Church, the Sacraments, Eschatology.

Copyright © 1995 Fr. Kenneth Baker, S.J.

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